The Use of the Conveyor in Kids’ Playthings

A conveyor is a device which moves things from one location to another. Usually encountered in big industries, this machine can also be seen in simpler forms in children’s playthings.

One example of a toy conveyor is the little television sets whose pictures move across the screen after the toy has been wound up. Inside such a toy are two cylinders, one passing the picture to the other as both cylinders turn.

Combining a conveyor belt with magnets results in more toys to entertain kids, like those miniature ducks or penguins that climb up and down stairs, to the tune of playful music.

Some more sophisticated toys, powered by battery or electricity, also employ conveyor belts. An example would be the small-scale space stations that first came out in the eighties. Such stations save their miniature occupants a lot of effort in getting from one place to another as they come installed with conveyor belt walkways.

Other such toys offer kids the feel of being in the adult world. One such toy is the Playmobil Conveyor Belt with Mini Excavator. The set comes with miniature construction workers, and a conveyor belt made at an incline which will allow kids to haul plastic boulders up its length.

All this shows that a conveyor is a versatile machine not restricted to use in industry.


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